The Shale Revolution and a Deluge of Data

The Shale Revolution turned tight rock into world class production in the Delaware, the Stack and Scoop, the Eagle Ford, and more, and brought a deluge of data along with it. As a result, technical staff spend more than 50% of their time gathering data.

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The Curse of Projects

Most analysis today is done on a project basis, since older systems were designed for limited numbers of wells. But there is always something outside the project area, and it's difficult to keep projects up to date.

Ready for Limitless Data

PetroDE is designed to handle massive datasets, so that all of a company's data is accessible real-time. Rather than worry about project limitations, staff can get the maps and analytics they need when they need them.

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From weeks to minutes

Operators deal with a wide variety of data types stored in silos all over the organization. They also have to wrangle with data from dozens of data providers.

At one large oil company, we worked through some questions with a Vice President, and after the discussion he asked, “How long would it take us to create these analytics without PetroDE?” The answer from his people was, “Well, we’d have to hit several different databases, download them for a variety of packages, then get back with you in a few weeks.” With PetroDE, we'd done that work in 20 minutes.

Our Solution

PetroDE provides a system where all vendor, proprietary, and public data is ready to work with by anyone in the organization anywhere in the world.

Cloud Workspace

It's made possible by automated data loading into a cloud platform and patented technology to deliver powerful visualizations to web browsers. Companies use us to solve problems in new ventures, operations, land, midstream, and more.

Whether planning a pipeline, generating type curves, or understanding competitor activities, everything needed for a good decision is at your fingertips, quickly and easily.

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Eliminating the “Find your data” Step

PetroDE focuses on an integrated system with automated data loading so that our clients can get to work quickly. They search for the information they need, do the analysis, then share the information and plan action, all within PetroDE.

The end results are insights that were impossible before, and massive workflow acceleration, providing benefits everywhere across your organization.