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is the world’s first petroleum decision engine: a powerful cloud-based platform for making collaborative, data-informed decisions.

     PetroDE’s revolutionary data analysis, aggregation, visualization, and collaboration technology empowers your team to spend time working with data rather than looking for it. Our fast and collaborative technology platform mines and analyzes US well and production databases more effectively than ever before. This enables your team to use just one convenient website to analyze data which was traditionally gathered via disparate and time-consuming data sets. Your team works together in a shared real-time workspace accessed by any secure internet connection.

     PetroDE transforms segmented workflows and static meetings into dynamic decision sessions. Data driven business processes are dramatically accelerated, project boundaries are eliminated and unlimited what-if questions are answered instantaneously.
     PetroDE integrates data from many sources for optimal oilfield analysis. IP data from wells, georeferenced news, rig locations and more, may all be simultaneously viewed and analyzed. Our simple but powerful app-style interface is easy to use and will layer your own proprietary data with both subscription-based and public data platforms alike.


What we do:

Put all the information your team needs at their fingertips


40 %
of meeting time saved
4.8 MM
wells at your fingertips
11 sec.
time to display all 4.8 million wells
100 %
of your team can use PetroDE