Dynamic data integration and visualization for oil & gas professionals

PetroDE's intuitive oilfield intelligence platform allows you to make decisions quickly and with confidence. Compile dynamic updates from multiple sources on a single geospatial platform to find the answers you need in real-time. Aggressively acquire, develop, produce, or divest properties while effortlessly monitoring your competition.

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A single oilfield intelligence and mapping tool for every role.

Real-time collaboration for data-driven companies.

Always up-to-date oilfield intelligence across the board.

Say goodbye to tiresome data loading and tedious template building.

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Vendor Data

Unified search in a vendor-neutral environment. Query, visualize, and annotate data from IHS Markit, Rigdata, Rextag, Whitestar, and more in one place.

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Proprietary Data

Store your company’s proprietary data on PetroDE’s cloud servers or behind your firewall.

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Public Data

Harmonize public data layers with vendor and proprietary information. Consolidate cumbersome workflows and get answers immediately.

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One intuitive platform for every answer.

Never say, “I don’t know” again.

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